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Quality Integrated Education

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MSc in Sports Medicine and Health Science (MScSMHS)

We are the first and only taught programme in sports medicine in Hong Kong since 2004 and have fostered more than 800 sports medicine professionals over 17 years. We aim not only to provide advanced academic training to health care and sports professionals, but also promote sports injury prevention in the community.

Echoing our Faculty motto "Transforming our passion into perfection", our key role is to cultivate students' ability to become excellent specialists in sports medicine. The programme emphasizes practical skills and hands-on experience. We offer unique opportunities to expose students to genuine medical practice through practicum and workshops. Students are expected to develop outstanding clinical, academic and research skills through specialized electives. Furthermore, the programme is under annual review by world-class faculty for quality assurance and continual improvement in today's ever-changing world to keep abreast of the latest advances in sports medicine and health science.

  • To provide students with the latest advances in sports medicine and health science for their further career development.

  • To enable students to acquire in-depth and advanced knowledge in the specialized area of sports medicine and health science, aiming to strengthen their professional knowledge and improve professional competence.

  • To introduce participants with currently available diagnostic and assessment tools as well as therapeutic options in the management of sports injuries. For example, participants will be able to acquire comprehensive understanding of sports and soft tissue injuries, their causes, assessment, treatment and rehabilitation.

  • To provide participants with the skills in evaluating health behaviors and risk factors, motivating athletes or individuals to modify negative health habits and maintain healthy lifestyle.

  • To create an environment for networking and experience sharing from professionals in different allied health disciplines to enhance multi-disciplinary understanding and collaboration.

  • To learn and exchange knowledge with overseas professionals.

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