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We focus on translational research to prevent and treat sports injuries, supported by the development of advanced therapy products including stem cells and biomaterials. We have two specialized research teams working together for bench-to-bedside-to-community translational research. The sports medicine research team devises novel treatments and rehabilitation protocols for patients with sports injuries to return-to-play. We also study pathogenesis and injury mechanisms of various sports injuries, and apply this knowledge for injury prevention as well as health promotion by exercise. The regenerative therapy research team investigates basic science of stem cells and strategies to facilitate stem cell therapy. Apart from circulating stem cells and controlled de-differentiation, regulation of tissue regeneration by distraction histogenesis and non-coding RNA are major research directions. In addition to graft healing in anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction (ACLR), we also work on regenerative strategies for tendon, muscle and cartilage.


 ACL Research

ACL reconstruction (ACLR) can partially restore knee stability , but functional recovery is always compromised by poor graft healing and persistent quadriceps muscle weakness after surgery; while regain of proprioception and psychological readiness during rehabilitation also affect return-to-play. We have investigated various biological enhancements for graft healing and recently proceed to tackle muscle weakness after ACLR. As current assessments of functional recovery after ACLR are not good enough for decision making of return-to play, our applied research team strive to develop kinematic assessments of knee stability with discriminative motion tasks, which will also help to implement preventive training program to reduce risk of ACL injuries in athletes.


  • Bone Tendon Junction Healing

  • Assessment of Knee Stability and Return-To-Play

 ACL Research

 Tendon Research

  • Pathogenesis of Tendinopathy

  • Prevention and Management of Rotator Cuff Tendinopathy

  • Tendon Derived Stem Cells

Tendon Research.png
 Tendon Research

 Muscle Research

  • Sarcopenia

  • Muscle Strengthening in the Elderly (Mus-Fit Action)

  • Persistent Quadriceps Weakness after ACLR

  • Gene Regulation of Myogenesis

muscle research.png
​ Muscle Research

Stem Cell Research

  • De-differentiation

  • Circulating Stem Cells

  • Distraction Histogenesis

  • Clinical Trials of Stem Cell Therapy

muscle research.png
Stem Cell Research
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