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Sports Trainer Course

Fundamental / Advanced Level

初級 / 進階




The Sports Trainer course is organized by the Department of Orthropaedics and Traumatology, Faculty of Medicine, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (香港中文大學醫學院矯形外科及創傷學系) & Sports Medicine and Sports Science Association of Hong Kong, China (中國香港運動醫學及科學學會).

The course is developed with an ultimate goal of providing a safe environment for those who are engaged in sport. With the experience in organizing world-renowned postgraduate programmes in Sports Medicine and Health Science, we would like to further propagate the importance of safe sport by providing Sports Trainer course for all people involved or interested in sport.

The Fundamental Level and Advanced Level will be offered to cater different level of needs. These two courses are designed to equip students with practical skills and latest knowledge.



Sports Trainer provides a crucial link between the coaches-athletes and medical personnel. With the appropriate immediate care offered by Sports Trainer, athletes at the community level could avoid the risk of suffering from an otherwise preventable injury.

Sports Trainer is professional who applies scientific knowledge to train athletes and deal with athletes' injury for the sake of making sport safer, which is achieved by:

  • Designing and Implementing appropriate injury prevention protocols

  • Preparing athletes for competition with tapping and massaging skills

  • Providing acute care for urgent sports injuries & immediate crisis management of severe injuries

  • Referring the injured players to a more qualified health professional for further advice and management

  • Working in conjunction with health professionals (e.g. physiotherapist or doctor) to ensure a safe return to play for injured players

  • Educating players and coaching staff in relation to return to play principles.


Coaches, teachers, and fitness trainers are suitable to take the course!

PE Teacher

I am a PE teacher...

Sports injury is very common among students in PE class. With the Sports Trainer knowledge, you are capable to evaluate the injury, to offer acute care and to refer your students to suitable medical personnel such as doctors and physiotherapists.

Youth Sports

I am a youth sports team coach...

During training or match, you are able to assess the severity of injury for your athletes and decide if they can continue to play. And you are able to refer the injury case to appropriate health professional. For the reconditioning training for injured athletes, you are able to deal with doctors and physiotherapists, and design the sports specific return to sport training program. You can also provide injury prevention fitness training to your athletes, which can lower their risk of injury during trainings and competitions.


I am a fitness trainer...

If your clients have been injured during sports participation and they want to get back to their previous fitness level, a Sports Trainer is capable to modify the training program depending on their previous injuries and according to the evidence based rehabilitation guidelines.

Fundamental Level
Applications open on 15 Apr 2024

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