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Postgraduate Programme

Master of Science in Sports Medicine and Health Science
Master of Science in Sports Medicine and Health Science

The first and only taught programme in sports medicine in Hong Kong since 2004. The programme offers advanced academic training to healthcare and sports professionals. 

Certificate Courses

Sports Trainer Course
Sports Trainer Course (Fundamental & Advanced Level)

It is a certificate course developed with an ultimate goal of providing a safe environment for those who are engaged in sport. 

FIMS Team Physician Course
FIMS Team Physician Course

This course is awarded by International Federation of Sports Medicine (FIMS). It is designed for medical doctors and physiotherapists. It focuses on the clinical examination skills and medical emergencies.

Football Medicine Course
Football Medicine Course

This course is designed for medical doctors. It focuses on antidoping and pre-competition medical assessment. 

Football Physiotherapist Course
Football Physiotherapist Course

The course is designed for physiotherapists with the skills in injury prevention and manage football injuries. 

Academic Conference 

Conference & Webinar

To encourage the exchange and sharing on academic and research as well as promote the academic advancement in sports medicine, we organized and co-organized numerous conference, symposium, workshops, webinars and other types of academic activities. 

Please stay tuned to our social media platforms and website for all the news on our current and upcoming events:

Arthroscopy Course
Student Conference

Local & International Collaborations

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