Study Plan



Sports injuries and their prevention and treatment are the cornerstone of the programme.


Study Plan

To be eligible for the MSc award, students shall complete 30 credit units, including 7 compulsory courses and 1 elective.

Below is the study plans for the full-time and part-time students.

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Course Descriptions

Compulsory Subjects

ORTY 5015 Orthopaedic Sports Medicine 骨科運動醫學

This course is designed to give students a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of sports injuries – their causes, mechanisms, assessments and treatments with specific emphasis on recent advances in diagnosis and management skills. Focus will be placed on sports injuries of upper and lower limb.

ORTY 5016 Sports Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation 預防受傷及運動復康

This course aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of physiological, psychological and biomechanical theories and practice techniques applied to enhance sports performance. Topics include the study of contemporary issues in sports medicine and health science, principles of sports injury prevention and rehabilitation.

ORTY 5020 Applied Sports Science for Performance Enhancement 運動科學應用 : 運動表現提升

This course aims to provide an introduction of theoretical principles and practical techniques related to the application of sport sciences. It focuses on the factors that affect participation and performance in sport and exercise. Topics include exercise physiology and metabolism, sports nutrition and exercise training principles.

ORTY 5021 Medical Problems Encountered During Exercise & Sports Participation 運動常見的醫學問題

The course aims to demonstrate significant depth of knowledge of the medical aspects of sports medicine. It focuses on the identification and treatment of medical conditions of the cardiovascular system, respiratory system, gastrointestinal system, endocrine system, urinary, and integumentary system associated with the physically active individual and athletes. Emphasis will be given on what role the team physician has in the assessment and treatment of these conditions.

ORTY 5022 The Multidisciplinary Approach in Sports Medicine 運動醫學與跨專業合作

This subject aims to give students a comprehensive understanding of the applications of sports medicine from different disciplines in athletes, recreational sportsmen and the general population. It will focus on the multidisciplinary approach that allows sportsmen to recover from injuries and various health conditions. Topics include medical care of the sporting team (team physiotherapist and team physician perspective), personal development of athletes, drug and antidoping and therapeutic exercise.

ORTY 5027 Emergency Sports Medicine 緊急支援及運動醫學急救

This course is designed to provide comprehensive knowledge and practical skills that will enable the students to apply sports medicine training to the assessment, treatment and management of emergent and urgent sports injuries. Emergent sports medicine management skills, emergency procedures, and advanced assessment skills, care and management of the specific injuries including head, spine, thoracic, and musculo-skeletal injuries are covered.

ORTY 5035 Sports Medicine Seminars & Clinical Trainings 運動醫學研討會及臨床培訓

Students will have the chances to attend academic scientific conferences / educational courses throughout their study period. Furthermore, students will be able to undertake a 3-hr clinical attachment, under the supervision of experienced doctors with expertise in sports medicine, in sports injury clinic.


(Students are required to go through screening process due to limited quota for each elective)

Team Doctor / Physiotherapist 隨隊醫生 / 物理治療師 (ORTY5041 & ORTY5042)

* Target students: Only students who are medical western doctors and registered physiotherapists are eligible to apply for this elective. Students are required to learn and practise the on-field medical treatment in the sport field. The module consists of lectures, practical workshop and on-field training in mega sports events or local sports competitions. At the end of the module, students are required to submit a report about their on-field training experience.

Strength and Conditioning Coach 體適能教練 (ORTY5051 & ORTY5052)

* Target students: Students with coaching or sport-related background; they shall have professional qualification(s) or outstanding performance in the field of sport. Students are required to learn and practice the most advanced scientific way to train elite athletes for the best strength and conditioning. Every student must pass an interview, a medical test and a fitness test before joining this module. Students will have lectures at Prince of Wales Hospital and practical lessons at Hong Kong Sports Institute. At the end of the module, students have to make use of the knowledge gained to design a training plan and coach an athlete for 10 weeks. During the 10-week training programme, the student has to evaluate the performance of the athlete, and write up progression reports of the athlete’s achievement.

Research Project & Systematic Review or Meta-Analysis 專題研究及系統綜述或薈萃分析 (ORTY5061 & ORTY5062)

* Target student: Students who are interested in scientific research; or wish to embark on an academic career. Students are required to conduct an independent research project / a systematic review or a meta-analysis on a specific topic related to sports medicine and health science. The module instructor and the project supervisors will guide the students to utilize the literature search engine to conduct a scientific systematical search, to quantitatively evaluate the quality of the paper to determine inclusion. If it is a research project, students will further formulate the research question, and then design the method and conduct sample size estimation. After collecting the data, students are required to perform statistical analysis, interpret the summarized data, and discuss the findings and values of the paper. Students have to present the topic and methodology in a research seminar in the first semester, and present the data and interpretation in the second semester. Students are required to write up a paper which is publishable as journal articles.

Clinical Sports Trainer 運動創傷防護員 (ORTY 5081 & 5082)

* Target students: Students with medical or non-medical background; specifically those who are enthusiastic in athlete healthcare and injury management. * Note: Full-time students are not eligible to apply for this elective. Students are required to learn and practise the evaluation and acute care of sports injuries, injury prevention and return to play training. The module consists of lectures, workshops and practicum. During the practicum period, students will take the role as bridging between coaches, players, and health care professionals in sports team and to assist coaches in training which related to injury prevention training, immediate managing injured players and preparing players for competition. At the end of the module, it is required to submit a written report and prepare a presentation for evaluating their learning experiences during the practicum period.