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Professional Diploma in


Adult Students

Programme Objectives

The diploma programme aims to provide students with a comprehensive education and practical training in the field of athletic training. The program focuses on the following objectives:


1. Thorough Knowledge Base: The programme ensures that students acquire a strong theoretical foundation: clinical reasonings, theories, and principles related to athletic training through classroom instruction.


2. Laboratory Experiences: Students are provided with practical laboratory experiences to develop and enhance their athletic training skills. These hands-on activities allow them to apply their knowledge in a controlled environment.


3. Clinical Experiences: The program offers supervised clinical experiences where students have the opportunity to work with a diverse range of patients. These experiences expose students to different settings, activities, and patient populations, preparing them for real-world challenges.


4. Board of Certification Preparation: The programme prepares students for the Board of Certification (BOC) examination, which is a requirement to become a certified athletic trainer. The program equips students with the necessary knowledge and skills to successfully pass the examination.


5. Ethical Standards and Lifelong Learning: The programme aims to develop professionals who uphold high ethical standards and value education. Students are encouraged to engage in continuous learning and professional development throughout their careers.


6. Contribution to the Profession: The program strives to prepare students for the dynamic and evolving job market in the field of athletic training. Students are encouraged to stay informed about advancements in the field and actively participate in its growth and development, contributing positively to the profession.


Study Period

Part-time:  1 year

Medium of Instructions

Classes are conducted in English

Teaching Format

Lectures (Online & face-to-face), case studies, practical workshops, practicum, site visits, clinical attachments, International conferences, seminars, demonstrations, group discussions, tutorials and projects

Class Venue

Classes are held in Prince of Wales Hospital, Shatin, occasionally in CUHK campus and various clinics / sports clubs.

Graduation Requirement

Students should fulfill the following requirements in order to graduate:

  • Complete the necessary course requirements with a GPA 2.0 or above; and

  • Attend not less than 75% of each course; and

  • Completion of all 3 logs of clinical experience learning (AT11, AT21 & AT31).

Tuition Fee

HK$60,000   (Tuition fee is settled in two installments per year)

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